The Truth About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is beneficial for practically anyone who wants to brighten their smile. Patients with discoloured teeth caused by ageing, smoking, or other extrinsic staining agents are great candidates for teeth whitening. According to research, teeth whitening is entirely successful in over 78% of people. As teeth whitening continues to gain popularity, research into various whitening technologies continues.

Teeth whitening is a temporary procedure that works by dissolving the organic components in the enamel using a peroxide derivative. Additionally, teeth whitening is effective only if there is a sufficient amount of enamel.

Teeth whitening is classified into two types: professional whitening and teeth whitening kits.

Teeth Whitening by a Professional

The most effective and safest way of teeth whitening is a process performed under the supervision of a dentist. To begin, your dentist will assess if you are a candidate for teeth whitening and which whitening technique would produce the greatest results. Additionally, the dentist should discuss what you can expect in your particular condition. Prior to the teeth whitening procedure, the majority of dentists clean the patient’s teeth, repair any cavities, and check the patient’s gums for health.

Dentists typically encourage patients to begin with teeth whitening to avoid the need for more complex cosmetic procedures. Complications associated with professional teeth whitening are uncommon and are often of a minor nature. In general, teeth whitening performed under the guidance of a dentist is an efficient method of whitening teeth.

Whitening Kits for Teeth

A teeth whitening system or kit is an alternative to professional teeth whitening. The majority of teeth whitening systems include the application of a whitening gel to mouthpieces that fit over your teeth for varying durations of time. On average, professional-grade teeth whitening kits cost between $500 and $800. Budget-friendly teeth whitening solutions start at around $29.95, but are typically less effective.

The American Dental Association has given its seal of approval to certain teeth whitening solutions; therefore, before purchasing a whitening kit, look for the ADA seal of approval. When using an at-home teeth whitening kit, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines properly. Additionally, avoid using a teeth whitening solution for more than 14 consecutive days without visiting a dental practitioner.

Teeth Whitening’s Disadvantages and Limitations

While teeth whitening is quite successful, there are some potential short-term side effects, such as sore gums or aching teeth from the bleach. Crowns, bridges, bonding, and fillings all return to their original colour after professional teeth whitening; they do not lighten any further. Because different stains demand different remedies, it is critical to visit an oral health specialist prior to using a teeth whitening product.

While teeth whitening does result in brighter smiles, some individuals have unrealistic expectations and are disappointed with the outcomes.

The research into all forms of whitening techniques continues. Teeth whitening is certain to continue growing in popularity as a result of its effectiveness. Regular professional teeth cleaning by your dentist will help ensure the teeth whitening procedure’s long-term success.

If your teeth have become discoloured due to ageing, coffee, tea, or smoking, consider teeth whitening.

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