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Time-Tested Home Remedies For A Brighter Smile And Fresher Breath

Having a sparkling smile and flawlessly fresh breath does not necessarily require stocking up on expensive commercial tooth whiteners and mouthwashes. In fact, the perfect oral hygiene preparations could be as close as your kitchen.

Some of these time-tested home remedies for tooth whitening and eliminating or preventing bad breath may not be for everyone – a few are notably short on the powerful minty flavor that most of us have come to associate with oral care products – but they're cost-effective, convenient, and they work.

Whiten Your Teeth
Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and plain old table salt, alone or in combination, are the backbone of the home tooth whitening arsenal. The simplest method is to simply dip your dampened toothbrush into baking soda and brush away; It's a safe, effective, and reliably fast way to get whiter teeth, although the taste leaves a lot to be desired. Follow up with a thorough peroxide rinse.

Mixing small amounts of baking soda and peroxide together will create a safe but strong whitening paste, and adding table salt will boost the power. Hint for the taste-sentitive: adding a tiny dab of toothpaste can make it tolerable.

A less powerful but undeniably more pleasant home tooth whitening technique is to rub the teeth with the inside of an orange or lemon peel. You can also make a paste of lemon juice and baking soda, or just squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto a damp toothbrush dipped in baking soda. The taste is pretty intense but the mix actually works, and the chemical interaction, which makes the soda bubble and fizz, is fun.

Freshen Your Breath
Herbs are the original breath fresheners; for centuries thoughtful people have been discreetly chewing sprigs of fresh peppermint, parsley, spearmint, rosemary, basil, or tarragon after meals.

No fresh herbs on hand? Chewing fennel seeds can freshen the breath, but so can chewing an apple (which is not only a lot tastier, but a heck of a lot easier to come by in the course of a busy day). Actually most crispy or juicy fruits and vegetables do a surprprisingly good job of freshening the breath, and they also help prevent bad breath by acting as a kind of natural dental floss.

A strong solution of salt dissolved in water is a very effective mouthwash that will kill germs, which lead to bacterial problems that are often the cause of persistent bad breath.

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Invisalign Braces – Customized Treatments to Give You Brighter Smiles

Invisalign is manufactured and designed by a Santa Clara based company, Align Technology Inc. And over 35 thousand doctors are trained and educated to provide Invisalign treatments all over the United States. As of 2009, there are more than a million patients which have completed the process and are currently enjoying their straight smiles.

Invisalign braces are a series of removable, clear teeth aligners which the scholars and orthodontists use instead of the traditional metal braces available in the market. These invisalign treatments consists of alignments that must be switched every two weeks. Each treatment is manufactured individually with exact manipulation of gradually shifting teeth into the right place. Since this system has been special designed for you, and exclusively for your own teeth, results can be noticeable and effective in just a matter of time.

Once you have decided to choose Invisalign braces for your teeth, all you have to do is visit an expert for a general consultation and discuss all the goals you are planning to meet. It is oftentimes free of charge and right away, a treatment plan will be made and pictures of your teeth will be taken for the process of digitization. You will be able to find the representation of your teeth virtually and you can see the step by step improvements once the treatment is done. A person should always wear his aligners at all times. Exception when eating or drinking.

The most obvious treatment's advantage is of course, cosmetic. These Invisalign braces are fully transparent so it's highly noticeable comparable with the bracket braces. This made the system very popular with the adults since the metal braces are commonly seen with adolescents and teens. Plus, because of its removable structure, it would be very convenient to consume food without having it stuck on the metallic braces.

Scientifically speaking, these aligners give less force and pain than the metal braces. Aligners must be removed to drink, eat and clean your teeth. As with other processes of orthodontic treatments, this allows the patients to learn the design of the projected smile. It is claimed that it is faster and better than the traditional orthodontics.

Choosing the Invisalign braces system is a very smart decision for patients since this technology is designed exclusively for a person and will definitely provide the smile that really fits them. You will have a perfect smile and little by little, you have something to show off and the people will certainly notice the new found confidence that you possess.

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