Braces and Their Different Types

Braces are the most common form of cosmetic surgery for teeth. They are available in many different types. But you can only get them after consulting your dentist. And another important thing is that you must have some information about the types of braces before buying them. One general problem nowdays is that you people do not get enough information on these types of things (braces etc) and trust your dentist assuming that your dentist is doing correctly. You must get familiarized with some major types of braces available in the market. For this you are provided with a brief guide on these types.

Traditional Type of Braces

This is the most common type of braces available in the market and is being used by almost everyone. This type is mainly intended for the children the reason behind this is its ease of use and its durability. Sometimes it is designed for each tooth and so it consist of brackets small enough that are glued to every tooth and it gets it support from the molars meaning that the molars are tied to a band which in turn supports the teeth.

As discussed earlier that this type of braces are especially intended for children so keeping in view those kids the designers have also provided the braces in different type of designs and materials. Braces also come in with different decorations which make them trendy and stylish. Different materials used for the designing of braces include ceramic, gold and metal. So with this wide range of variety it must not be difficult for you and your child to choose one from.

Invisalign Braces

This type is nowdays becoming chic the reason is that it is almost colorless which in turn makes it invisible. The makers of this type of braces were Align corp. This type of brace consist of a string made from plastic. The company calls these plates as aligners so as to fit exactly with each tooth. The best advantage of this type is its adjustability and remove ability which can be done after a couple of weeks but these adjustments can be done by your dentist only. Before going for this type of treatment you should consult your scholars about its pros and cons. Invisalign type of braces are not recommended for children but it is only advisable for grownup patients who have minor dental problems.

Self Ligating Braces

This type is designed in such a way that the metal plates do not get glued with teeth similarly there is no such need for any band tied to the molars for more support to the wires. These types of braces use a combination of plastic as well as steel. The most common type of self ligating braces is Damon type which is liked by many users. The self ligating braces are also called speed braces because the friction it provides between the brackets and wire is very minor.

Ligual Braces

The ligual type of braces is the trendiest form of braces designed ever; their structure is almost invisible because these types of braces are installed behind teeth.

Source by Judy Wellsworth